I’m a Stock Show Kid

A stock show kid travels countless miles making memories that will last a lifetime, all while learning lifelong lessons. You can spot a stock show kid by looking at their characteristics. 

Here are some ways to spot a stock show kid. 

  • Their favorite season is show season. “Show season should be a season of its own.”
  • The calendar in their house is full of more show days than birthdays. “The 14th of January, oh that’s the chapter show. Oh, and my dad’s birthday.”
  • They have more pictures of their show animals on their phone then of anyone else or themselves. "Here is Fluffy eating hay, and here he is smiling." 
  • They can do homework going down the road at dark. “Just shine your phone light over here mom for a second.”
  • They have more friends around the stock show world, than in school. “These people just get me.”
  • They wake up and take care of their animals before themselves. They repeat the process again at night. “I didn’t eat breakfast, but Bertha did!”
  • They don’t care how their hair looks at times, as long as their cattle’s hair looks good. “I have shaving in my hair, but Fluffy looks fierce.”
  • They can sit in shavings, and not worry about it. “I can make a bed and a couch in these things.” 
  • Their walls don’t are decorated in plaques, trophies, ribbons, buckles, and banners. “I promise, there is a wall there.”
  • Show kids can sleep anywhere. “In a chair, on bleachers, going down the road…”
  • Has their veterinarian and agricultural educator on speed dial. “I must keep Sally healthy.”
  • Teachers know when show season is, based on if you are in class that day or not. “Cody’s gone, show season has officially started.”
  • Stock show kids put the hard work and dedication into caring for their animals. “Showing livestock comes with many lifelong lessons, take them all in.”
  • They have more memories from time spent in the barn or traveling to livestock shows with their family. “I didn’t win, but that’s okay because I got to spend some time with my family and show family.”
  • They spend more time in the barn than watching tv. “There is no time for tv, OYE is just around the corner.”
  • Stock show kids know that being Raised in a Barn is a good thing and are proud to admit it. “Why yes, I was Raised in a Barn.” 
  • Being a stock show kid is a great thing. Enjoy your time spent showing! Best of luck to all of the show kids on their shows. Work hard and let your dedication blossom in the show ring. 

Are you a stock show kid? 

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