Being the New Ag Teacher

In one week I begin my future of teaching agricultural education. Just 170 days stand between me and finally having the opportunity to be an agricultural educator.

I spent the first two years of college unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, but soon found my calling in teaching kids through agriculture. Agricultural education is something I have been working on for the past four years. We have learned how to help kids get on the right path, and how to help all kids find something for them in FFA, just like my agricultural educators done for me. 

I found my love for the agriculture industry flourishing as I became one of the twelve Teach Ag Ambassadors. I spent one week at National FFA Convention talking to kids in blue cordouy about everything related to agriculture. I even spoke to agricultural educators who offered advice. Each agricultural educator spoke to me about their students and the agriculture industry with a sparks in their eye. Follow this link to learn how you can apply to become a Teach Ag Ambassador. 

As I began packing for this last semester, I felt all the emotions at once. Feeling sad that I will officially be leaving the place I grew up, to start my own home and career. The excitement of walking into my classroom and watching kids succeed after all of their hard work judging, showing, in the greenhouse, etc. The nerves of starting my career. All of these emotions and I still feel passionate about finally being Mr. Dawson, the agricultural educator from the ________ Chapter.

I have begun applying for jobs. Each time picturing the kind of classroom I will get to call my own, and thinking about helping students learn and watching them grow into a successful person. 

Agricultural education planted my roots and helped me grow into the person I am today. If you are considering teaching agricultural education, but not sure if it is for you, please send me an email at

Teach ag, because we need to aspire to inspire.

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