That Horse

So I have this horse. Actually, my mom has this horse. And let me make it very clear before you read on, that “this horse” is one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. He’s kind, gentle, sweet, loving, and just perfect in so many ways. The type of horse you see in movies running openly in a field with a gorgeously long mane and tail. Just. Stunning.  
    My family was actually given this horse by a close family friend who decided to downsize their herd. This is the only horse my parents own, and let me tell you, he is spoiled rotten! But he deserves every minute of it, because he gives us much more than just the title of a horse owner. He helps us cope with anxiety in our daily lives, and shows us that even in a storm you can find a rainbow.
    You see, Cisco has a large mass on his face.  It’s a benign tumor, that we fear if it’s removed will grow back even bigger. He has been looked at very closely by a trusted veterinarian, and since it causes him no pain, it’s here to stay. We do not ride Cisco, as we believe he can’t see very well because if his tumor.  He’s in retirement now and lives his days basking in the sun and munching the green grass in the field. 
    His tumor has not ever defined him as a horse. It doesn’t ever cause him to be different, or mean. It’s not apart of who he is. But it does raise a lot of questions from people who are not familiar with Cisco and his story. I have absolutely not problem explaining what is on his face, but people don’t understand that he is almost like a child to us, and these questions can be hurtful. The only way to answer them is with honesty and grace. I feel that people within any industry are brought here to educate those who are not educated. So no, I will never stop hearing “what’s wrong with his face?” but I’m equipped to answer with dignity, and stand up for “that horse” who has taught us so much in such a short amount of time. 
    Cisco has a loving home with a long healthy life ahead of him, and I’m so happy God placed him with us. Little does he know, he’s helped us more than we have helped him. 

-Sydney Alberts, Nebraska

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Breanna Viles