A Letter to An Ag Teacher

An agriculture teacher- someone who is willing to sacrifice family time to ensure your success through all you do. 

Throughout our time as an FFA member, we definitely do not stand alone. We are constantly pushed to succeed with the help of our ag teachers. They devote their time to us to ensure we put in our 100% because we know they are giving theirs. As we take a step back and really look at all they do, how can we begin to thank them? 

My ag teacher told me, "The success of my students means more to me than the size of my paycheck." This really touched my heart. They see their students as something bigger than just kids that pass their class and move on. They see us as a future in an industry that is constantly growing, and they are so happy to initiate and inspire that passion inside of each student they encounter. 

Really does "Thank you" cover the extent of the hours, the failures, the success, and the work they've put into you? I honestly believe it's not enough. So instead of putting 50% effort into all, you do in FFA/4-H/Grange why not put 110% and try to win that district contest, even though you might not, you'll get 'em next year. Instead of sitting at home on the week of camp go, you might have a blast, and meet some great friends. 

As some of your ag stories come to an end this year I'm sure they'll always enjoy visits from you even if they are unannounced, and possibly at a bad time. They will always hope to hear about your successes and your goals. They want you to leave a mark in the agriculture field, and they know you will. You'll only regret the chances you didn't take, so in this last half of the year go to that conference even if you don't want to, maybe even step out of your comfort zone and meet someone not from your school (they might end up being your best friend), and run for that state office even if you're scared (you won't know if you don't try). 

As this year comes to an end don't forget that thank you is always appreciated, but might not be all you can do to thank an agriculture teacher. 

While we might not be able to say it all now, thank you for all you do.

-Bree Canon, Arkansas

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Breanna Viles