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10 Lessons I’ve learned from my Agricultural Pursuits

10 Lessons I’ve learned from my Agricultural Pursuits

1. Wake up early. It won’t kill you to lose a couple hours of sleep, and your whole day will go better when you’ve accomplished so much before the sun even comes up.

2. Livestock can be therapeutic. Bad day? Talking to, crying to, or even just being around livestock can heal a broken soul.

3. Go with the flow. Sometimes sheep get out, sometimes you have to load 4-wheelers onto a trailer, and sometimes your truck breaks down. In the world of Ag, there’s no way to get around delays, so learn to deal with them with a good attitude.

4. Hard work pays off, even if it’s not immediately. Whether it’s spending extra time with your show animal, working on your CDE, or doing an act of service, the effort that you put into it will show.

5. Responsibility. People and animals are counting on you, even if it doesn’t seem like it. If you say you’re going to do something; do it.

6. Always do your best to be kind. Something as simple as a smile can change somebody’s whole day.

7. Don’t overthink things. When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras. Sometimes things will get frustrating, but if you can take a step back and look at it from another perspective, things just might come together.

8. No matter where you go in the Ag world, there will always be someone willing to help. I’ve noticed that the people involved in Agriculture are some of the most giving, reliable and incredible people I’ve ever encountered.

9. It’s okay to lose. So you don’t take Grand Champion this year, or your CDE team takes 2nd place, or you don’t get Chapter President. It’s okay. The great thing about life is that you can always learn a lesson from not being perfect. It might hurt, but there’s something to learn and help you grow.

10. Never forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. Do it for the passion, for the love of what you’re doing. If you find yourself just going through the motions, take a minute to think about why you started, and remember all the good that will come from what you’re doing. 

-Makayla Munford, Utah

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