Fidos for Finals

As we all know, finals week can be a little (or a lot) hectic, but my school (Snohomish High School) has come up with a practical solution to a lot of the stress that finals bring! My ag science teacher came up with an idea last year that if her animal science classes brought in well behaved dogs, they could sit in the gym and be pet by overwhelmed students who just need a little break. Last year was a huge success and many students started looking forward to finals week because “there were dogs!!!!!”

Going under the assumption that students under low amounts of stress score better on tests, rather than those who have high stress levels, the Snohomish High School FFA and ASB have created this event in hopes that tests scores will be higher and student stress level will be lower.

This year, I brought my little 30-pound jack Russel/rat terrier dog, Bean and I have never seen so many lit up faces after long hours of testing! As students would zombie walk into the gym, the dogs would start wiggling and opening up to be pet. The students would run to each dog, making sure that each one got the same amount of attention as the last. Students laughed and smiled at Bean because she would stand up, only to lay back down to get her belly rubbed.

The dogs also benefit from this! Dogs love being pet and love to be loved and very little people give more love than stressed out high school students!

Fido’s for finals has made a huge difference in how this school handles stress. Instead of sitting at lunch and worrying about the next class, students were able to completely let their guards down and relax while petting our kind and loving four-legged friends.

-Kaylee Simon, WA Representative

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Breanna Viles