Who are YOU?

I decided to take this journey to apply for a state FFA office about a year ago now and it has made me soul-search quite a bit. I have looked through the materials that the state association has available for us many times and each time I do I start thinking about one question, “who are you.”  I will spare everyone my rant about how this is my least favorite question that is in existence, but this question holds so much potential for a meaningful answer. Although I may not have come up with a long and thorough answer I have come up with a straightforward reply. My simple answer is that I am Sierra, I am a girl that loves animals, FFA, 4-H, being part of Raised in a Barn, and anything that has to do with agriculture. Even though that answer seems to satisfy the question, I feel like there’s something missing. These small statements don’t get the essence of me. They’re just too broad.

Anyone can say they love animals or that they’ve work with these animals for show or have watched the miracle of life through them. I want to use something deeper but I lack the wording to express how this really makes me who I am. How can I describe the overpouring excitement that I have when I’m getting ready to pick my show animals? When I’m waiting for them to produce an offspring that I will watch grow, and bond with, then will cry when I sell it? How can I describe my irritation when this steer I’ve worked so hard with just won’t even try to warm up to me? These things can’t be described simply because I am my own person, I feel what I feel, and some people don’t feel those same feelings as I do.

Anyone can say they love an organization and I believe those people that tell me they love it, but we all love them for different reasons. I love 4-H for giving me my first opportunities to experience the agricultural life. For giving me the opportunities to show and fall in love with the show ring and being able to feel the sense of accomplishment when that judge shakes my hand for a job well done. I love being able to teach the next showman how to work an animal, how to make them a partner not just an animal that you lead around in a circle and I hope they’ll take that advice and run with it, I know I have. FFA holds a different place in my heart. It holds the spot of maturity for through this organization I have been able to develop a plan of what I really want to accomplish with my life. Through being an officer and my Career Development Events I have been able to pinpoint a career that I believe I can fit in to, Agriculture Education. Through this organization, I have gained the need to serve. I believe that I am here to help others whether it be; informing, or through volunteering, both of which I’ve been able to do more since I joined FFA, just three short years ago.

Now not everyone can say they have had an opportunity to write for the Raised in a Barn blog. In fact, only 58 individuals from 35 states have gotten this opportunity. I am honored to have this experience to write and advocate the industry that has made me who I am. I am especially honored to serve as an officer to help encourage others to be the best advocates they can be.

So, who are you? I am Sierra Osborne and this is who I am and what I take pride in. Now, let’s see if I can relate all this back to a nominating committee as I do what I love and compete in an organization that has truly changed my life. 

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