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50 Ways to Recruit and Increase Involvement in FFA/4-H/Grange

50 Ways to Recruit and Increase Involvement in FFA/4-H/Grange

When someone hangs the corduroy jacket up, someone else is going to have to step up and keep the tradition alive. Recruitment is a wonderful way to increase membership.

Once they become members of your chapter/club, many face another challenge. Involvement.

Below are ways to recruit new members and get more involvement from current members.

Recruiting New Members

1.       Go to the younger classes and teach the kids about your club/chapter.

2.       Encourage other members to bring guests to meetings.

3.       Chalk sidewalks about upcoming meetings.

4.       Set up informational booths during recruitment days and explain about your club/chapter.

5.       Set up a booth at local events explaining your chapter/club.

6.       Promote your chapter through social media.

7.       Put posters around your school with your chapter.

8.       Use free stuff to draw people in.

9.       Have public meetings.

10.   Pass out brochures with what your chapter/club offers.

11.   Put together pamphlets for parents.

12.   Hand out M&M’s to remind everyone that “Membership Matters” and that we need “More Members”

13.   Hand out a small ziplock baggie of graham crackers, Hershey’s, and marshmallows to remind members “We need S’more members like you.”

14.   Hand out stickers for cups, backpacks, lockers, etc.

15.   Create a video for recruitment.

16.   Have present members give presentations about how the club/chapter has benefited them.

17.   Have the advisor/club leader ensure they have contact information for interested students and personally invite them to meetings.

18.   Have the meeting announced over the intercom at school.

19.   Talk about what tours and trips one can attend as a member.

20.   Have a school assembly discussing your event.

21.   Work within the community to increase awareness of your club/chapter, all at the same time giving back to the community.

22.   Have a bulletin board in the school with what all your chapter/club is doing.

23.   Raffle off a free membership to someone who joins your chapter/club.

24.   Display business cards of alumni members.

25.   Have alumni talk about how the chapter/club impacted their future career.

26.   Offer a prize for the student who recruits the most members.

27.   Bring awards your chapter/club has won to the meetings.

28.   Greet each person who comes to any meetings.

29.   At all times, speak with excitement and enthusiasm about your organization.

30.   Have a great website, that shows upcoming events and current involvement.

Increasing Involvement Within the Organization

31.   Print on business cards your chapter logo with punch holes at the bottom, for each meeting the members attend, punch the card and give away a prize like a t-shirt once the card is full.

32.   Send out a newsletter letting members know what is going on each month.

33.   Invite guest speakers.

34.   Make each member feel important.

35.   Start meetings with icebreakers, so every student feels welcome.

36.   Have the officer team have a group of students they must invite to every meeting and get to know.

37.   Advertise meetings at other events, (Open houses, parent-teacher conference, football games, etc.)

38.   Have your club/chapter work closely with your hometown newspaper.

39.   Pass out decals to every member.

40.   Contact all members who missed the meetings, or events.

41.   Start traditions that spark interest.

42.   Offer FFA awards throughout the year for extraordinary students (FFA Member of the Month)

43.   Bring state and national FFA Officers to help build up leadership within your officer team.

44.   Have cookouts and games for current members.

45.   Host an ice cream social.

46.   Each month publish one thing your club/chapter offers.

47.   Survey current members to see what they like doing.

48.   Use remind to send instant updates on upcoming events.

49.   Make your class/club fun and educational.

50.   At the end of the year, take the students who were most involved on a trip.

How do you recruit members and get more involvement from current members?

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