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38 Pieces of Advice for Your Freshman Year of Ag

38 Pieces of Advice for Your Freshman Year of Ag

  1. Be active.

  2. Make friends with the upperclassmen. (We don’t bite we want to see you succeed.)

  3. Go on trips and make friends.( These are going to be some of the best trips because you are with people who are your friends.)

  4. Take pictures.

  5. Do CDE’s if you can. (I regret not trying to get a meats team started before my junior year it is my favorite one.)

  6. It is okay to disagree on a topic just don’t let it affect your learning.

  7. Thank your advisors because they spend a lot of their time away from their families.

  8. DON’T PROCRASTINATE YOUR AET RECORDS. Future you will thank you for this when they are applying for proficiency awards and degrees.

  9. Go out for awards.

  10. Do not be afraid to fail because people will be there to pick you up.

  11. Don’t be shy.

  12. Hoodies and sweatshirts do fit under your jacket. (This is more of a protip for bus trips in official dress when it is cold.

  13. Girls keep clear nail polish in your jacket it keeps runs in pantyhose from getting bigger.

  14. Also, hairspray makes hose stay up.

  15. Take blankets on trips.

  16. Speak up at meetings.

  17. Enjoy when everyone sings on trips. (Unless it wakes you up)

  18. Ask for help.

  19. Go out on a limb.

  20. Try something new each year. (If you don’t like it you don’t have to keep doing that thing.)

  21. Do fundraisers.

  22. Get involved with the community service projects.

  23. Anything can be a life lesson.

  24. Enjoy your ag teacher’s stories of past students. (Some of them are pretty great.)

  25. You aren’t going to be the freshman forever.

  26. There are some serious debates about tractors.

  27. The bus ride somewhere might be a really memorable part of the trip.

  28. If you laugh until you cry you are winning.

  29. If you and some others want to do a CDE your school hasn’t done in a long time go for it. You don’t have to succeed but you might do a lot better than you expect to.

  30. Future reference it is possible to go from a state contest in the morning to prom and look great so when you are a junior or senior don’t skip your contest because prom is that night. ( I did it and I slept in my barn the night before also.)

  31. Make jokes.

  32. Learn the traditions of your chapter.

  33. If you see someone from Ohio at National FFA Convention we will most likely respond to O-H with I-O. It is a thing and not just a myth.

  34. Girls you can keep two pairs of hose in the inside pockets of your jacket comfortably.

  35. You will eat a lot of fast food on trips. ( I thought I swore off junk food right before National Convention and that went south.)

  36. Make as many friends as you can.

  37. Apply for awards at banquets.

  38. Go to the different traditional activities in your chapter. (My chapter does a community hog roast and the kids in the chapter get to bring the food.)

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