The Best Year Yet

I have yet to meet a little girl at a fair whose eyes don’t light up when they see someone with a crown. This past month at my fair I was given the honor of severing as the second attendant to the queen. The lovely ladies I am serving with are fantastic. The way my county fair does their queen’s contest is a little bit different than others, rather than a pageant we go through a full interview process.

With this background information, I can start my point. On the first day of fair, there was a queen’s luncheon where all of the candidates, commodities, and other county’s royalties get to meet. I got to give a few hours before I was crowned later that night. As I was talking to other queens they shared with me their favorite memories of their year. It had me so excited for that night to find out the results.As I sat in front of the stage my nerves grew stronger. Then came the moment when we were sitting on stage and they read the names. That was it I had been crowned. It was surreal. I had just applied on a whim. I wasn’t sure of what would happen in the end but I was going to be happy with whoever made the court.

As the week would continue I would go around to the different shows and introduce myself. If I wasn’t doing that I was walking around. Little girl’s eyes would light up as I passed. But my favorite moment was before I was crowned, there was a little girl who was nervous about cake judging. I  shared with her that she shouldn’t be and that it was going to be the start of one of the most fun adventures of her life, I gave her a hug and we parted ways. The next day after I had been crowned I went over to the cake judging and saw the same little girl and again wished her the best of luck. Even if I don’t know how she placed she was the first little girl to light up that day. I don’t think that I will forget that moment either.

This is definitely going to be the best year yet in my 4-H/FFA career and I can’t wait to start going to other fairs. I don’t know why but this year has been so full of success in both my life and also the show ring. I couldn’t have asked for better people to share in these moments with me this year and in the next. There are going to be a lot of photos with animals, the court, other royalty, and also my family. Already I have started to compile a folder on my phone and hope for it to reach hundreds of photos. I also want to have some pictures of younger youth that I know are going to do great things.

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