Agriculture and its misunderstandings

  Agriculture is one of the oldest industries in the United States that have been around before time. During the Agriculture revolution, many different improvements came along from improving growing conditions to advancing the technologies for farming. With improvements in the industry, this will bring skeptics and misunderstood information that could harm agriculture. People have assumptions about agriculture that aren’t true and affect how many see ag. 

Some of these Assumptions harm more than others. Antibiotics, treatment of Animals, and how farmers are portrayed as unprofessional, dirty people have shaped the way people make their opinion. Many folks change their minds about supporting local farmers in the marketplace due to some of these false facts given.

Antibiotics in food is a misconception that a few don’t understand. During the Roosevelt presidency the FDA started to look over the process of Production Agriculture also known as livestock production from the farm to the market, the USDA also had a part in this. During this time the FDA set standers on what can be done with our food we eat. The misconception that most have are the fact antibiotics are in your milk and other food products such as meat and poultry. This has been found false with laws put in place by the USDA and FDA. These laws minimize the use of antibiotics in the feed which must be supervised by a vet. New laws as of January 2017 state if you have leftovers feed with the medication you must get rid of it or you will be fined. Many feel that there are traces of antibiotics in our dairy products such as milk, this is false. A dairy farmer that is treating a cow with an antibiotic must milk separately every day and throw the milk away. With today’s technologies, many farms have milker’s that will reject the cow once it is known that cow is being treated with Antibiotics. The laws aren’t only in place to make us safe, these laws are also in place to protect the animals.

            Today the news stations cover stories but don’t show the whole story. I am talking about when Farmers who take care of their animals 24/7 all year long, and it hits below zero for the first time since last winter and, the farmer is facing charges of animal neglect even though science will explain. Many people do not know what the practices are in Agriculture, so when they see things like chickens in an enclosure these people believe that it is against the law and therefore report them to officials. I may not agree with some practices, but this is Agriculture. This leads us into if farmers are professional or not, many may not agree with the fact they are.

            Have you ever been near a farm or seen a farmer? More than likely you have. Have you ever seen some and go grows they are a farmer or involved in Agriculture? Probably not, with Farming being one of the largest industries in the U.S, and one of the oldest, farmers feel the need to practice professionalism. Growing up in small town USA, I have never seen farmers in supermarkets or home improvement stores looking like they just got out from the barns. This is one of the misconceptions that people have, farmers are smelly dirty people, which is false. These people care about how they look and try to present themselves as productive people in society.  Misunderstood information about the agriculture industry doesn’t only hurt the farmers but will hurt the consumers, as they may not know the true background of farming or laws the protect them as consumers and the farms.