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30 Thoughts You Think During An Auction

30 Thoughts You Think During An Auction

Live Sale-

“Okay, today is the day. I'm gonna get one!”

“Sales in an hour. I have one hour to choose who I am gonna bid on.”


“I'm buyer number 75?!? There is only 50 lots!”

“I'm never gonna get one.”

“Starting bid is $500, really?”

“No, that girl did not just say she wanted my lamb...”

“That lamb is not worth $1200.”

“Here he is! You can do this!”

“Okay, one bid in..”

“Or not... Already out of my price range.”

“Maybe the next one..”

“I have to get this one..Put that buyer number in the air!”

“Stop bidding on him, he's mine!”

“Oh man, he is mine. Yay!”

Online Auction-

“Okay, it started at 5 a.m, its 5:30 and she has no bids.”

“Still no bids!”

“Is my credit card still on the account?”

“Okay, it's 8, I should bid now.”

“Place bid...”

“I've been outbid by a max bet? What? Already?”

“I'm not texting, just looking at an auction, I promise!”

“How is she already up to $1000. it's been four hours.”

“Oh, I like this one and he has no bids...”

“It's almost 5, I better go bid!”

“Okay, three seconds left...BID”

“Oh, I forgot they extend.”

“I have fifteen outbid texts, ugh.”

“It's still going, really?”

“Hey, I didn't get an outbid text. DID I WIN? I DID!”

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~Brooke, California Rep

The Ultimate Question: “Why?”

The Ultimate Question: “Why?”

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