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Amplifying the Real Agriculture

Amplifying the Real Agriculture

Someone once said, “A word of truth outweighs the world.” In a world full of rumors and lies,

the truth is worth more than we can imagine. I never noticed this personally until I started

National Ag News. It all started with a simple conversation with a friend of mine. This friend of

mine was raised in an urban area and never experienced agriculture so I started asking him

questions about agriculture just to see what he knows. As I continue asking questions, I notice

every answer was filled with lies and corporate propaganda. Every answer coming out of him

was something from a company that was lying about agricultural practices for the purpose of

profit. After that conversation I realize that there are too many voices for lies and not enough for

the actual truth. Thus the creation of National Ag News commenced and a voice for agriculture

was amplified. I started off with just a computer, a website, and a will to amplify the truth and it

has grown to photography and video equipment to better amplify agriculture. The only thing that

remains no matter how much expansion I do is that the publications are credible and that the

company maintains a professional appearance. Ever since I begun this project, I have educated

the public on the truth and I have seen eyes light up when I share the amazing parts of agriculture

as well as some of the shocking parts of this wonderful industry. When NAGN was expanding, I

knew I couldn’t keep up the workload which was when I started developing a team. This team is

comprised of current and past FFA members who volunteer their free time to amplify

agriculture. Team roles vary from administrative work to article writing to ensure that we better

educate the public and not let corporate propaganda corrupt their view on agriculture. Being a

year and half into this project, there has not been a time where I regret what I’m doing or the

amount of time I put into NAGN everyday. I have a mission to educate the nation on what

agriculture really is and how amazing this industry is. I have a mission to disprove the corporate

propaganda and rumor surrounding agriculture and agricultural practices. I have a mission to

amplify the real agriculture.

-Randon Senn, Florida

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