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   FFA Week Ideas

FFA Week Ideas

FFA Week is coming up real soon which means FFA Chapters are planning and looking for ideas! Here's a list of ideas that will help make your FFA Week fun!

  1. Community Breakfast- have a breakfast for members of your community including teachers, business owners, etc..

  2. Labor Auction

  3. Dress up days: OD Day, Animal Day, Western Day, etc..

  4. Drive your tractor to school day

  5. Community Scavenger Hunt

  6. Ag Trivia in daily announcements

  7. Elementary Ag coloring contest

  8. Petting zoo

  9. Church- members attend the Church of the chapter president in official dress  

  10. Line dance- host a line dance and invite other chapters

  11. State Officer- invite a state officer to come to your chapter and do a workshop

  12. Decorate your school for FFA week

Hope these ideas help your chapter have a fun FFA Week!

-Sarah Thomas, Kansas

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