"Through this door pass many friends of the FFA."

Imagine a short and interested eighth grader going into the biggest high school he has ever seen. Hi, my name is Tony Worthen and I'm an Idaho Raised in a Barn representative. So now that you've got that picture in your head let me fill in the rest of the story. I was that little and interested eighth grader. It was my first time being in that high school and I couldn't even find the bathrooms let alone my classes that I had just registered for. So, I just went straight to the counselor's office because the registration lady told me that's where I needed to go to get my class schedule. So, I hurried myself to the counselor's office and got my schedule and looked at it to see what classes were going to determine my ninth grade life for the next year. I had the usual English, math, and history but I looked at my last class and the course was entitled "Introduction to Agriculture."  I had remembered signing up for that class so that I could learn more about the agricultural industry and what it was all about. I had decided at that point to find all my core classes later because I was so excited to find this intro to Ag class. So, I went out the entrance of the main Building and into the Ag building not knowing that my life had just changed forever. I walked in and down the hall until I found the classroom where my class was going to be held. Once I reached the classroom I couldn't hold myself back from seeing what the class looked like so I stepped into the classroom. I was very shy at the time and had just realized that I put myself into a really bad situation by sinking eye contact with Mr. Hale my advisor. He was just sitting in his chair and said: "Hi, I'm Mr. Hale and who are you?" I said my name and got into a little conversation with him because I had asked him if I was in the right classroom which by the way I was. I talked to him for a while about my class and what topics it would include, but after a good 20 minutes, my parents found me and I had to say goodbye. Time passed and the school had started and I just learned about my first CDE in my intro to Ag class. It was called Novice Parliamentary Procedure and I loved it so much I helped work out a team. At first, we couldn't get a full team but luckily, we ended up getting all the seven members that we needed. We studied and studied until our brains were mush and it paid off because we ended up winning districts and then going onto state. We won state in the year of 2015 and ended up punching our tickets to Louisville, KY. We worked our hearts out and it all paid off when we placed eighth at nationals. Currently I am in my third year of FFA, and serving as the Rigby FFA Sentinel, and to think I wouldn't have met so many people, learned so much about different careers, or made so many different memories that I'll always remember if I hadn't walked through that door into the Ag building.


Thanks again!

- Tony J. Worthen