Fighting for Provo FFA

I’m the current president of the Provo FFA Chapter. I was born and raised in Provo and I’m a proud Provo High Bulldog! In 2015, Provo High School got a grant to build a brand new school on a piece of land donated by a local farmer. The city of Provo has been ecstatic at this great news and so was I until I got some heartbreaking news on Friday March 3rd. The news that my school administration has made the decision to defund the Agriculture Program. The decision that a program of over 70 years was coming to an end.

As I sat in the administration office, I listened as they told me they didn’t think agriculture education is important enough to continue on to the new school. This broke my heart to hear that someone could possibly think agriculture is not important enough for a kids educational experience. The importance of agricultural education spreads further than the classroom- we need agriculture to survive. If you eat, you need agriculture. If you wear clothes, you need agriculture. If you take medicine, live in a house or write with a pencil, you need agriculture. Most the kids in my school think their food comes from a machine and with this agricultural program being abolished, they won't have the ability to learn differently. If this decision is finalized, my Provo FFA chapter will be forever gone. Our chapter is not the biggest but we are full of passion for Ag and we are not ready to be done.

We need your help! You can help us by writing a letter about the importance of ag and sending it to and/ or signing our petition @

Written by Janette Whitworth

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