To the New Advisor

The advisor who just started this year: you’re doing a great job. The advisor you replaced had been the ag teacher and FFA advisor for decades. Filling their shoes was, and still isn’t, an easy task, but you’re doing an amazing job. I can only imagine how difficult it may be, but I do know this:


  1. We really do appreciate you and everything you do. Whether it’s working with us for hours on our speeches the day of competition or getting us pumped right before we compete, we appreciate it. And we may not look like it, but we kinda love everything about it and you. We may not show it very well, but we really, really appreciate you.

  2. Just be you. Please don’t try to be just like our old advisor. We will love you just the way you are. Whether you’re sassy or serious or somewhere in between, just remember, we judge animals, not people. And remember, you can only be you because everybody else is taken! :)

  3. Create your own legacy. Please don’t try to live up to the legacy created by our former teacher. We really wouldn’t want you to. We’d rather be a part of helping you build something new.  Wouldn’t you rather be known for something you’ve created yourself and not something made for you? It won’t be easy, but we can guarantee that it will be worth it.


We trust you. We are excited to begin this new chapter within our chapter, and we’re thrilled to be starting it with you. Thank you for taking on the task of creating leaders. You are what makes FFA great.


P.S. Shout out to my new advisor who just started this year! You’re doing great and I appreciate everything you do for our chapter! You truly are an inspiration!


-Alyssa, Oregon FFA