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AGvocating Correctly

AGvocating Correctly

From city to rural, agriculture is everywhere.  Living

in a highly populated such as Orlando, Fl you would think the AG programs

would be non-existent if not weak. In fact, the high school I currently go to

has a striving AG program with 4 AG teachers teaching: Veterinary Assisting

1-4, Agricultural communications, Agriscience, Agriculture leadership, and

management. All of them lead up to a certification! We also have a farm that

holds a variety of livestock such as steer, sheep, pigs and chickens. One

struggle that we face is there is only a few students out there who are

interested in getting their hands dirty. Most of them are uneducated when it

comes to the AG industry. If you have ever shown a market animal you know

the struggle. I have received text messages from people saying “Why do you

build a bond with an animal that you’re going to eventually process” in that

situation you just have to take the high road because chances are they have

already made up their mind. But then you may say to yourself “I’m not going

to just let them think that AG is bad!” What you can do is tell them if they

are concerned they can visit your land lab/farm! Animal rights activists want

you to change your perspective on things. By keeping it professional you are

representing the AG industry in a positive manner. People are less likely to

take you seriously if you are disrespectful

When AGvocating….


  • 1. Be professional

  • 2. Acknowledge their perspective

  • 3. Offer them to visit your farm

  • 4. Post positively about AG

  • 5. Be unbiased


  • 1. Be disrespectful

  • 2. Say things that are not accurate

  • 3. Make the conversation into an

  • argument

  • 4. Use profanity

  • 5. Be biased

  • 6. Bash the other side

Leah, Florida

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