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An Old Hat

An Old Hat

In FFA and 4-H I have made so many great memories that I can’t even count them. Some

of those memories I can look at a picture, pin, or degree. Other people can look at a picture or

pin and can understand or even have that feeling themselves. I remember at my first state

convention we were taking pictures with our chapters and all the seniors wanted a senior picture.

I took a picture and put it up on my snapchat with the caption “I love all of these seniors” with

blue and gold hearts. When others see that they think about their last year in FFA and the good

times at state.

There are things that only a couple other people can relate to and have memories of.

Sometimes these can be gifts. I remember before I moved out of California, at my last show

season at the Alameda County Fair by friend got me a gift. It was a foam sword that he bought

from a vendor, that sword reminds me of him and the great times we had together. And I’m sure

he is reminded the same.

But then, there are things I have that only I know the memories hidden within. There is

one thing that I own that I love so much. I have an old have with cake stains on it. And after a

not so great day I take that hat off the top of my head and turn it around and look at the cake

stains that are haven’t be worn off. What is that great memory?

Well, the officer team got together and we agreed that we sound throw our advisor a

birthday party. And we couldn’t just have any regular birth party, we had to throw the greatest

birthday party ever! So we put together great food, great games, and a pinata! The Friday before

her birthday she had a meeting and had to leave the ag room so we decorated it and waited to

surprise. That party was an amazing memory. I know what you are thinking what about the cake

on your hat? We had gotten a cake and we had a food fight. And I hadn’t gotten any cake on me

until I heard our chapter president, Emma, say “Randy doesn’t have any cake on him”. I had

turned around to get cake and none other than Cassie is right there and get get covered in cake.

To most it is just an ol’ hat, but to me it is one of the best FFA memories I have. This one

is going out to anyone that can relate and have an odd item representing a great memory.

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