Letter to all Caretakers

Dear caretakers of any kind,

We know your job is hard. You wake up early, get to the barn, check on every animal to make sure they're still happy and healthy, and spend the entire day, and sometimes even night to continue making sure that all is right. The work you do is hard and barns wouldn't be able to run without you. Your work does not go unnoticed. Thank you for the hard long hours of cleaning stalls, making meals, feeding those meals, and being a friendly face to answer questions and assure everything is okay or isn't. As a caretaker, you've learned each animal's personality and are able to tell just by walking in the barn what is wrong and who is having trouble. Many believe that even though you may not own an animal, these ones have become your family and the love and knowledge you share with them is just as much as the people who own them. 

As I stated, being a caretaker is hard work, especially when an owner is unappreciative. By being around an animal for eight plus hours a day, and being told your knowledge is weak is hard to take and hard to restrain from fighting back, but remember, the work you do is hard and makes life much easier for those who board or live there, and all you can do is smile and hope that all goes well for these animals. After all, you are doing this work for them. You are the one who is around them all day and night and will do stall checks and feed checks and sweep the isles and feed the meals and all others that many consider unimportant or too low for their pay scale. 

Thank you for all you've done as a caretaker. You haven't gone unnoticed and your work is what keeps a barn up and running, and they couldn't do it without you!

-One caretaker to another

If you are a boarder or even an owner of a barn or other agricultural business, take your time to encourage and thank your Caretakers for all they have done! It is truly a hard job and a lot of what is done isn't seen by the people who aren't always there. As a caretaker, I love my job and wouldn't change it for the world and to all those who understand my passion for the industry, thank you for all you've done!


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