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Officer Sifting

Officer Sifting

Anyone who has been an FFA officer has come to the understanding that at times, it can

be very stressful. Like two weeks ago it was a typical officer week with everything going on. My

chapter is the Rigby FFA Chapter and it was banquet week. And with banquet week we know

that officer sifting is coming. Ah, the day everyone dreads, officer sifting. The day where you put

yourself and your ideas on the line in front of a nominating committee that will decide if you are

good enough to lead your chapter/district/region/state. That week I was not only running for a

chapter office but also a district office. I was terrified and stressing out too much about both

interviews that I was having to go through. So, my first task was district office. I had worked for

about three hours’ total on my application and felt that I had filled it out to the best of my ability.

I had printed it off and got all the signatures that I needed and all that was left was to turn it in at

the sifting. So, the day went by and the time had finally come. We had left the school and was

headed for Madison which was the location where the sifting was going to take place. There was

a total of three people who were applying from my chapter and little did I know that two of the

three were going to be elected. So, we had arrived at Madison and had turned in our application

and drew our numbers for the sifting order. I had drawn number five and I was very nervous. So,

I paced in the hallway waiting for the lady to come and get me for my interview and I’m pretty

sure I looked crazy to all the other candidates. After pacing back and forth for a couple of

minutes the lady had come out to get me for my interview. I had walked into the room

remembering a quote that my advisor had told me. He said “Turn that nervousness to fuel. Fill up

your tank, and drive yourself to success.” I had finished my Interview in about 10 minutes and

felt good about it. I was nervous about some questions, but overall everything seemed good.

After 40 minutes, later the nominating committee had come out and the president started to

announce the new team. We had gotten some good people but my own name still didn’t get

called and we were already to the secretary. Next, it was the co-vice president and they had

named off the Rigby Chapter but not the name. After that, they called out my friend’s name

Alesha. I was so happy for her because she so deserved the spot. After that moment though, my

heart had sunk because I knew that I wasn’t going to get chosen. They called the other co-vice

president and it wasn’t my name. So, at this point, I got really excited cause there was still that

bit of hope inside of me that I could get the president. So, with all the anticipation going they had

called out the president and the Rigby chapter and they called my name. I walked up there all smiles

and was so excited to serve our district. I knew that all my hard work had paid off and it was

going to be a good year. I am now serving as the new 2017-2018 North Upper Snake River

District President and cannot wait for the journey ahead of me.


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