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The One Experience I Never Expected

The One Experience I Never Expected

November 28, 2016, was a day that opened I path I never expected to be

opened. That day was the day I started school at Clark County Jr/SR High School. Clark

County is a very small rural school and as I entered the school and started to get settled

I realized that something was missing.

Clark County High School’s Agricultural program was slowly going down the

train when I transferred. In an effort to help out the school and the students that loved

the Ag Classes so much. I started to notice how much I missed the FFA as I had a chance

to travel with my previous chapter to the Western National Roundup to judge livestock.

After returning back from Denver I decide it was time to take action so I

approached the Ag instructor MR. Lantis and ask if I may head up an FFA chapter. From

that point on the ball was rolling to start up the FFA at Clark County. After a few hard

weeks of teaching the students, recruiting members and gaining community support it

was time to launch the FFA chapter in Clark County.

February 15, 2017, we hosted an FFA Opening Banquet and Auction. The

the community showed up in full force with over $2800 from our auction and donations.

We will soon be receiving our chapter charter at State Leadership Conference in Twin

Falls Idaho.

The point behind this blog isn’t to brag but more to encourage you to look for

opportunities to grow. Grow your chapter; grow you Agriculture Education program,

we all can do it the question is will we put in the effort to make that change? Dust

settles we as Agriculturalists don’t keep growing and achieving your goals.

Idaho RAIB REP: Randy Clements

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Starting an FFA Chapter

Starting an FFA Chapter

An Old Hat

An Old Hat