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Turkey Time!

Turkey Time!

15 facts about Broad Breasted White turkeys:

1. One of the most popular meat breeds of turkey is the Broad Breasted White

2. Male turkeys are called "toms"

3. Female turkeys are called "hens" 

4. Raising turkeys is a great option if you don't have room to raise larger livestock

5. Hens should be matured and ready for show by 15 to 17 weeks of age

6. Toms take longer to mature and fill out than hens

7. Toms will weigh more than hens

8. Hens typically mature to be 20 to 30 pounds

9. Turkeys have a thing that sticks out in their heads- it's called a snood!

10. The red lumps on turkeys necks are called the caruncles

11. Turkeys need clean water and fresh feed daily, just like any other animal

12. It takes 28 days for a turkey egg to incubate and hatch

13. Baby turkeys are called poults

14. A turkey's head and throat can change color based on their mood

15. To show turkeys, we flip them upside down so the judges can evaluate the quality of the

breast meat

-Halle Suttle, CA rep. 

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AGvocating Correctly

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