A Season of Giving

This is my absolute favorite holiday. It’s the time of year when we all get together to have fun and visit with my distant relatives, but I know that it’s more than that. It’s the time of giving and helping others. One of the reasons I like Christmas is because my mom taught me that there is just something about Christmas that makes you want to give back to people and the community. One of the reasons I joined FFA is because we give back to our community all year round and we keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

One of the reasons I joined FFA is because we give back to the community all year round and we keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

There are multiple ways to get your chapter involved in giving back, like holding a local toy drive for the kids. Not only are you helping kids, but also showing them what your chapter does and one day they might want to become an FFA member themselves because they see the impact that your making on them and their life and they might want to do the same.

Another fun idea is to have a Christmas party. My chapter recently had one and it was amazing! We played a lot of games and had so much fun! But I know it wasn’t just about having a good time as much as it was for the FFA members to get to know one another and to create friendships with the people wear the same blue jacket.

For my final idea, get your chapter to donate to a charity of somesort. I have recently donated to St. Jude in memory of my grandmother. Another way to donate is if you don’t have the money donate your time. Go to a nursing home and make a friend or talk to someone who doesn’t get that many visitors or even go caroling. You could even go out and help at local food banks or have a food drive and give to the homeless. Any of these ideas are perfect examples of the spirit of Christmas.

All of these are just a few examples of why my family and I love Christmas so much and why I’m happy to be an FFA member. I love having the spirit of Christmas and seeing someone give back to the community. There is so much joy and happiness around you and so many happy faces.

This Christmas I challenge you and your chapter to give back to someone whether it’s a charity, a toy drive or even making time to visit someone. Make an impact on someone’s life, because they will want to pass it along. By doing this we might just keep the spirit all year long.

Written by Allison DeVore, Raised in a Barn Intern

Henryetta, OK

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