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Harris Robinette Beef: Family, Faith, and FFA

Harris Robinette Beef: Family, Faith, and FFA


“A life worth living, deserves beef worth eating!”

It’s more often today that we see producers utilizing grass-fed systems in their aspect of cattle production. What's truly one of a kind is finding a family like the Robinette’s who have self-funded their operation and back it with family, faith, and advocating for agriculture.

Patrick Robinette, the patriarch of Harris-Robinette Beef, got his start in the cattle industry while in high school working as a cowboy for Open Ground Farms. His love for the business quickly grew, and he finished his education at NC State where he met the love of his life, Amy. The young couple moved to Nebraska where Patrick accepted an offer to manage a cattle operation. It was after their first child was born that the Robinette’s decided to be closer with family and returned to eastern North Carolina. Unfortunately, job opportunities in the cattle industry didn’t follow the young couple. That’s when Patrick, with the help of Amy and her family, decided to try their hand at a grass-fed cattle operation.



Fast forward to today and Harris-Robinette Beef has grown exponentially in the last 18 years. Through self funding their dream, they’ve created a family business that has everyone involved in some aspect. Amy Robinette owns and operates Micro Summit Processors, where all Harris-Robinette’s Beef is processed. The couple co-own SoCo Provisions. their distribution company. Amy’s parents, Larry and Dianne Harris played a big role in forming Harris-Robinette Beef and managing the cattle. McKayla Robinette, the oldest of Patrick and Amy’s children, is currently attending Brevard College, majoring in Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental studies. She utilizes her social media skills to advocate for the business. Caden Robinette,  an 8th grader, prefers the hands-on side of the cattle operation...although fly fishing is his true passion.

Being completely family-owned and operated can be a challenge; the highs and lows of the agricultural markets can cause sleepless nights for even the most experienced farmers. When establishing a brand founded only on 100% grass-fed beef, the Robinette’s faced a lot of criticism and had numerous setbacks as they pioneered this relatively new production method and market. However, because of these trying times, the Robinette’s quickly learned to rely on each other and their faith. That struggle is reflected in the name of their beef jerky line, “Kiss My Grass”, which pays tribute to anyone who has been criticized and judged for what they believed.


The Robinette Family truly believes in the future of agriculture. While raising their two children, both 4-H and FFA have been near and dear to their hearts. Patrick and Amy often volunteer with local chapters, giving tours of their facilities and sponsoring local events that promote agricultural youth. Amy serves as the NC FFA Alumni Council President and is the chairwoman of the National Impact FFA Giving Circle. She is also a member of American Agri-Women and is a CommonGround volunteer.

For eighteen years, the Robinette Family has stuck to their guns with the goal to provide the best beef possible for the consumer. Today, their products are showcased in restaurants throughout North Carolina; Top of the Hill and The Pharmacy Cafe often feature HRB on their menu. The Robinette’s recently launched an online store where their beef can be purchased and shipped directly to the consumer. Their sustainable practices and unique jerky flavors make HRB a huge hit with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

If you are looking to support a family-owned and family-operated cattle company with high quality beef, the Robinette Family are a great option.


-Karly Hanson

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