FFA Officer Retreat Ideas

Are you needing some new ways to bond your officer team or planning your first officer team retreat? Officer retreats allow the team to bond and learn how to work together. Here are 20 creative ways to spruce up your FFA Officer Retreat. 

  1. Have the officer team prepare their own dinner. Set up a budget and let the team go to the grocery store, plan, and prepare the meal. 
  2. Amazing Race - Set up an amazing race obstacle throughout the school or around town.
  3. Minute to win it games. A fun and cost effective way to promote team bonding. Here are some ideas for the games -- https://www.happinessishomemade.net/awesome-minute-to-win-it-birthday-party-games/
  4. Scavenger Hunt - Can make it a canned goods scavenger hunt and after the race, they can donate all of the items to the local food bank.
  5. Shark Tank - Have the students present ideas for the years Program of Activities in the style of Shark Tank. Let the officer team present their ideas using a poster board, powerpoint, etc. Have the other officer team members decide activities for the year. 
  6. Hiking/Fishing - Spend a day outdoors enjoying the wilderness. The team could also play volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc to help the team learn to work together. 
  7. Tour an agriculture related business - Find an industry leader involved in agriculture around your area and go tour their business. It is a great way to create a great relationship with local businesses. 
  8. Ropes Course - Have the team work together on a ropes course. It is a fun way for the kids to learn to work together in a fun environment. 
  9. Redecorate the classroom for the school year. Fill the classroom with goals for the school year and an up-to-date calendar for the school year. 
  10. Escape Game - Another great way to have the officer team work together. 
  11. Bonfire - have an evening where the team sits around the campfire talking about their goals for the school year and discuss the events with some S'mores. 
  12. Have an officer stand in front of a white board and have the other officers write positive things about them.
  13. Have the officer team write a letter to themselves. There is a website called futureme.org to have the letter sent to them through their email.
  14. Ag olympics - You can create an agriculture olympic style game. Here are some ideas --- https://communities.naae.org/thread/1540
  15. FFA officer tye dye night. Have the officer team make their own blue and gold t-shits.
  16. Game night - Write questions on the back of a Jenga game and have the officer team answer the questions when they pull out a block, it is a great ice breaker and way to get the officer retreat started.
  17. Have each officer write their own mission statement for the year. Then have them put the mission statement somewhere they can look at it every day as a reminder of goals they want to accomplish for the year. 
  18. FFA Officer Pictures. Get the year started off right by taking pictures of the officer team in official dress. You can also get the team to write a short biography about their time in FFA and work with the local papers to publish the articles. 
  19. Hungry hungry hippos. Play a life size game of hungry hungry hippos. All you need is some laundry baskets, balloons, and scooter boards. 
  20. Officer team video - Have the officer team come up with a creative way to recite the FFA Creed and then show it to your classes on the first day of school. 

What are some of the ways your officer team bonds?  Let us know in the comments! 


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