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More Than Just Farmers

More Than Just Farmers

I am Adrianna Mowrer and I grew up on a beef cattle farm in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. It was there that my love for agricultural sciences first took root. As I grew my passion was cultivated by my community and my local 4-H livestock science club.


As I matured I became increasingly aware and disheartened by many of the inaccurate stereotypes associated with the agricultural community. It Is all too often popularized that farmers are minimally educated elderly men that have an affinity for overalls, straw hats, and vintage pickup trucks. This, however, could not be further from the truth, the industry of agriculture contains scientists, technology, engineers, and mathematicians all of the which collaborating together to achieve the common goal of feeding the planet.  

Scientists are developing more sustainable and renewable agricultural practices such as more environmentally friendly pesticides. If you look overhead at a farm you might even catch a glimpse of a drone scanning over a field of crops; equipping farmers with the technology to have a bird's eye view. From agricultural engineering, we get the next generation of equipment that will utilizes GPS navigational systems that have the capability to drive themselves. Calculators crunch numbers for input and output determining a harvested yield and how many individuals can be fed consequently.

These innovations could not come at a more optimal time, as our global population increases from the current 7.3 billion, it is estimated to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. With this global growth, there are new challenges presented on how we are going to feed, clothe and provide other basic necessity to more people while utilizing fewer natural resources. This is where the role of the agricultural sciences will play an insurmountable role in setting industry standards and helping us look forward to a greener, more bountiful tomorrow.

I am passionate about educating others about the science of agriculture and it is my hope that throw inspiring the next generation and actively working to advance the industry that within my lifetime we can provide all people globally with food security. After all, everybody eats.

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-Hello, I am Adrianna Mowrer and I am a sophomore at The Pennsylvania State University
majoring in Animal Science and minoring in Agricultural Communications. I am from
Montgomery County Pennsylvania where I was raised on a production beef cattle farm.
Separate from my parent's cattle I own and manage a heard of 50 bore goats. Beyond the barn years, I was an active member of the 4-H Livestock Club for 10 years and continue to be
involved in my county's agriculture through Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.
On campus, I am a mentor for the Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural
Sciences. I am also a member of the Honorary Professional Agricultural Fraternity of Alpha Zeta. Upon graduation, I would like a position where I can help bridge the gap between consumers and
producers; so, producers can better understand consumers’ needs and consumers can better
understand the efficacy and safety of their food.


Adrianna Mowrer
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