The Magic in the Jacket

Maybe FFA and 4-H aren’t organizations made for magicians. You won’t find the corduroy jackets hanging in a magic shop. When you see a student in an FFA or 4-H jacket, you will learn to believe in them.

It’s blue and gold, or green and white. It boosts your confidence and teaches you lifelong lessons.

The corduroy jacket isn’t your magic cape, however it helps you pull off amazing things. From singing in front of thousands of people in choir, showing your prized calf, or participating in public speaking competitions. There are some magical moments that can happen while wearing the jacket.

Magic makes you believe in things. The jacket teaches you to believe in yourself. Your ag teacher, 4-H leader, and fellow FFA and 4-H members will all work to help you find confidence in yourself.

It isn’t a magic carpet, but it can take you anywhere you want to go. It is your own passport and the possibilities are endless.

You don’t get three wishes while wearing the jacket, instead you work for what you want. Chances are you have watched kids who have worn the corduroy jacket helping better their community.

You don’t need magic to be great, you already have the magic in you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Work hard, stay dedicated and show everyone just how magical FFA and 4-H are.

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