Six Life Lessons I Learned from Cattle

 Breeding, raising, and showing cattle is something that I am truly passionate about. With the years that I have been involved in the beef industry, my knowledge and experience has grown vastly. Here are a few life lessons that cattle have taught me along the way:

-    Take your own path, don’t follow others  
o    Through each and every time I sort cattle, whether it’s weaning or moving cattle from feedlot to pasture, I’ve learned that they enjoy taking their own path through it, especially if they don’t want to go the path that I am trying to get them down. Easily applicable in my own life, I know that even if people are pushing me to take one path, it’s best to take my own route through life.  

-    You have to yell loud to be heard 
o    There’s always that one cow, constantly using their voice to get attention. Whether it is for food, hay, or their calf, they are always mooing. In life, for my opinion to be heard, I’ve learned it’s a must to speak out and be loud in order to get my point across. 

-    It’s okay to be a little different 
o    In my herd, I have a few of the weird and crazy cows. They will lick, head butt, and chase anything in their path, or lay in random places. Yet it shows me that being a little different and standing out from the herd is okay because it makes me unique and different from everyone else. 

-    Being stubborn is okay 
o    Each year I always have the one show calf who refuses to walk anywhere or that one cow who refuses to go in the head chute. They’re stubborn because they want it to be their way just as in my life, I am stubborn because I want things to be my way, which is okay. 

-    Step out of your comfort zone and become a leader
o    Being the first cow to load onto the trailer or walk through the gate is a scary step for cattle, yet it only takes one to be the leader and the rest will follow. In life, it’s best to be a leader, not a follower, because you never know where that courage to be the leader will take you. 

-    If you get stuck, someone will be there to help you out
o    From putting their heads in gates, buckets, or feeders, cows find the most creative places to get stuck. I’m always there to help them out of the situation they’re in. Relatable to my life, if I ever get stuck there is always someone their, no matter what the situation is, to help me out. 

By guest blogger, Shaeley Warner.

My name is Shaeley Warner. I am 18 years old and a senior at Utica High School. I live in Utica, a small town in Mid East Ohio. I am currently serving as the president of both my FFA chapter and 4-H club. I show breeding beef, dairy feeder steers, and hogs at my local fair. I live on our family farm where we farm corn, soybeans, and hay. I also have my own 20 head cow-calf herd of purebred Simmental, cross bred angus, and maintainer cattle. I am also involved in National Honors Society, CARTEENS, and a summer 4-H camp counselor. 

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