Langham Creek FFA Fundraiser

Recently Langham Creek FFA reached out to Raised in a Barn about a fundraiser they were doing after Hurricane Harvey destroyed the FFA Chapters revenue source.

John Bowen, the Langham Creek FFA BBQ Cook-Off Director, writes,

“Well, the booster club had a barn facility which was on Army Corp of Engineers property for about 25 years. We used that revenue to fund mainly our scholarships. 

Before the storm, the booster club had decided it was time for renovations, so we spent $11,000.00 and rewired the whole place.

However, then the flood happened.

The projects we had there were evacuated. At its worst, the high water mark was 12 ft in spots with an average of 9 ft. I was told that not far behind the facility there were 20ft spots. Not long after the water went down, the Corp informed us that because of such severe flooding that they were not going to renew any more grazing rights! There went our wiring and scholarships!

So now to try and regain our fund we’ve decided to throw this cookoff and dance. 

We’ve teamed up with the local VFW, and they are giving us their entire facility for free!

So, not only do we get to try and regain our fund but to help our veterans as well.

We are however in need of sponsorships, cooking teams, raffle sales, donations, dance ticket sales, etc."

Check out the Langham Creek FFA Facebook page to find out how you can help.