Luck in FFA

This month is all about luck, and I’d say I got pretty lucky with my school getting an FFA Chapter. Many schools don’t have FFA or even know what it is or what we do. They don’t realize the kind of change we try to make in people’s lives and the impact we make on our community.

Here are a few reasons why schools benefit from having an FFA Chapter.

One reason why schools should have FFA is that it teaches kids the fundamentals of agriculture and why its important. Agriculture involves plants, engineering, marketing, technology, and so much more! It also allows students to compete in various Career Development Events like Marketing Plan, Veterinary Sciences and Nursery/Landscape.

Another good reason why schools need FFA is that it gives back to the community. For example, our chapter had our first spaghetti dinner, and it ended up as one of the most successful fundraisers we’ve had. We teamed up with our local Mason Lodge and had a fun day getting to serve our neighbors. We have also had various community clean-ups which includes our park clean-up and restoration where we spent most of the day cleaning up our local park and planting flower beds. Since being in FFA, I have given back to the community in so many more ways than I did in my twelve years of living in my town.

Last but not least kids learn about leadership and hard work. FFA revolves around leadership and is the main thing agricultural educators strive to teach kids in this program. FFA is all about kids stepping up and becoming a leader, helping others, and showing others that you believe in them and pushing them to be their best. Even though you might find yourself competing against each other, you still wish them the best. Hard work and FFA goes hand in hand. We have kids learning to work in the shop, others learning about horticulture or working with their show animals. Believe me after my first year showing there is a lot of hard work that goes into show animals.

So I would like to thank my Superintendent and the School Board for bringing agricultural education and the FFA program to my school. It’s been a life changer for me.

-Allison DeVore, Raised in a Barn Intern

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