Dear Future Ag Teacher

Dear Future Ag Teacher,

I will never forget the moment I decided to become an agricultural educator. For five years of my life I wore a blue corduroy jacket, and for 3 of the five years, I was stationed by the Rising Sun. However, being stationed by the Owl was out of the question.

I had never pictured my life teaching. After graduating from high school, I never wanted to go back. However, after spending some time at college and helping work some CDE competitions, I found myself wanting to build a fire and ignite a love for agricultural education for students.

Now for those reading this who are pursuing a career in agricultural education, I won’t lie and tell you that every day is awesome. There are going to be bad days. You will deal with bad attitudes, during competition seasons you will live on the road and during livestock showing your lungs will be filled with wool and dust. You will struggle, and sometimes you will feel like you failed. You will have to find a happy medium between being a teacher/coach with having a family.

There will be days you will get frustrated, and some days you might want to pack up and quit.

However, some moments make all of the stress, living in your suitcase, and the greasy burgers worth it.

The moment an FFA member zips their corduroy jacket up and the smile reaches from ear to ear. The moment a student is giving a speech and they look like they are about to pass out, but come running to you smiling because they finally faced their fear. The moment a student holds up the Grand Champion banner after hours of work and dedication preparing for a livestock show.

Just know that the moment a student steps into your classroom, or zips up that FFA jacket, their life has changed.

I’m excited to see what the future of agricultural education brings, and that future might start with you.


An Agricultural Educator/FFA Advisor