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“You’re just a farmer”

I’m pretty sure every FFA kid has heard the stereotypical saying “you’re just a farmer”. Some people take offense to that label, but I do not. Many people think of a farmer as a person who lives in the middle of nowhere on a farm, and on the other hand we have those who see farmers as unsophisticated, soulless animal killers. The real definition of a “farmer” is “someone who deals with agriculture or farming on a daily basis”. Let’s face it we are “farmers”.

Eight Thoughts When You Win

This year I have done incredible with showing and honestly haven't had a clear thought in the past two days from all of the showing going on. I show both pygmy goats and dairy goats and this year I have taken more first than I have ever taken before. There have been so many thoughts and emotions going on but there were a few that keep going through my head still.

Using Setbacks to shape your future...

It was just a normal day walking from the high school down to the ag barn for one of my last classes of the day. I noticed something a little fishy with the fact that the fire department and the police were down there. We figured it was nothing major with the fact that our ag teacher was sitting at his desk waiting on our class to arrive. We walked in and sat in our desks like the ordinary an then everyone says hey Morgan, your mom is here.

Oh, the places you'll go!

There are so many opportunities available through the FFA. This organization has taken me all over the country, given me life-long friendships, helped me become a better person, and so much more! I use to be a very shy kid but by joining FFA, I have come out of my shell. My first year of FFA my ag teacher asked me to give a speech. I was terrified! I

An Open Letter to my Officer Team

We all know that a bond between an officer team is so much stronger than just being in the chapter together. On the team we are trusted with making decisions to help make our chapter better. We bond over these decisions and start to get what each other wants to see in the chapter. More members, more fundraising, even more community interaction.

Chasing my Dreams and Cattle

"Chase your dreams, you might catch one." -Unknown As a stock show kid, my dreams have always been different from my other classmates. Instead of dreaming about playing a sport in college, or going pro, I dream about showing at major stock shows, like American Royal, National Western, Fort Worth, North American International Livestock Exposition, Houston, or San Antonio. I never thought about actually achieving my dreams because I knew my family didn’t have a lot of money, and that we didn’t buy the high end club calves that you see at these shows.