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Dear Future Ag Teacher

The moment an FFA member zips their corduroy jacket up and the smile reaches from ear to ear. The moment a student is giving a speech and they look like they are about to pass out, but come running to you smiling because they finally faced their fear. The moment a student holds up the Grand Champion banner after hours of work and dedication preparing for a livestock show.

Agriculture and its misunderstandings

 Agriculture is one of the oldest industries in the United States that have been around before time. During the Agriculture revolution, many different improvements came along from improving growing conditions to advancing the technologies for farming. With improvements in the industry, this will bring skeptics and misunderstood information that could harm agriculture. People have assumptions about agriculture that aren’t true and affect how many see ag. 

Fighting for Provo FFA

The city of Provo has been ecstatic at this great news and so was I until I got some heartbreaking news on Friday March 3rd. The news that my school administration has made the decision to defund the Agriculture Program. The decision that a program of over 70 years was coming to an end.